The largest cryptocurrency farm in the country was discovered in Ukraine

The largest cryptocurrency farm in the country was discovered in Ukraine

Almost 5 thousand devices were used to pump bots for the FIFA football simulator.

Thousands of Sony PlayStation 4 game consoles were confiscated after being found in an old warehouse that was used for illegal mining of cryptocurrency. According to the employees of the Security Service of Ukraine (SBU), the warehouse was located in the industrial zone of the city of Vinnytsia and in the past belonged to the electric power company OJSC Vinnitsaoblenergo.

Inside the building, law enforcement officials discovered what they called “the country’s largest clandestine cryptocurrency farm.” In total, about 3.8 thousand game consoles stored on metal racks, as well as more than 500 video cards and 50 processors were confiscated. The hardware was used to mine the cryptocurrency.

According to current estimates, criminals stole electricity in the amount of UAH 5 million to 7 million. (from $ 186,200 to $ 259,300) per month.

As representatives of Vinnitsaoblenergo OJSC reported, “the company has nothing to do with any illegal activity” and “the equipment for cryptocurrency mining has never worked in the premises belonging to the company”.

According to, the devices were not used for cryptocurrency mining at all, but for “pumping bots” for the FIFA football simulator. Bots on consoles played the required number of hours and in-game currency, and then the criminals sold the account in special online stores.

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