The US authorities have nothing to do with the loss of servers by DarkSide hackers

The US government has nothing to do with the DarkSide hackers losing access to their servers. This was reported by The Washington Post, citing government sources.

Reportedly, neither military cyber operators nor employees of other US agencies took any action against the group of hackers, which, according to the US authorities, is behind the hacking of the systems of the American pipeline company Colonial Pipeline. At the same time, representatives of the Justice Department, the FBI, the US National Security Council and the National Security Agency declined to comment on the statement.

Michael Daniel, the former White House cybersecurity coordinator in the Barack Obama administration, said the US government had too little time to organize a response.

As previously reported, the servers of the Darkside ransomware group was shut down. Grouping topics was also removed from underground forums. Cybercriminals have lost access to the public part of their infrastructure, including their blog, payment server, and CDN (Content Delivery Network) servers.

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