Two-thirds of IT managers count on major cyber attack

Two-thirds of IT executives at large organizations expect their organization to be the victim of a serious cyberattack in the next 12 months. This is according to a survey by Dell of large companies worldwide. About the same number of managers also believe that their own measures are not future-proof and that in an advanced attack they are not able to fully recover their data and systems.

Not if, but when

For large organizations, the question is not if, but when they will become the victim of cyberattacks. The digital vulnerability of companies is only increasing with the widespread roll-out of working from home. Nearly three-quarters of managers indicate that they believe that working from home significantly increases the risk of damage from cyber attacks. 62% also indicate that they expect their current cybersecurity measures to be insufficient. So many companies believe that they will not be able to fend off a successful malware or ransomware attack without serious financial consequences.

Lack of trust

From small disruptions to entire networks that come down, everything has to be taken into account. Worryingly, 58 per cent of those surveyed say they have little confidence in their organization’s ability to meet their backup and recovery goals. This lack of trust is further fueled by the accelerated adoption of new business technologies such as cloud applications, machine learning and IoT devices.

A rattling lock on the cloud

In addition to the growth of cloud applications for working from home, the cloud also plays a greater role in security. These so-called as-a-service cloud services are increasingly being used for the storage, backup and recovery of business-critical data. 27% of the companies surveyed indicate that their backups are not yet stored in multiple different cloud environments. 23% already do this and have taken measures themselves to protect these backups. In fact, 21% say they believe the cloud service provider is responsible for protecting the company’s data. All in all, it seems that many companies do not yet have enough urgency when it comes to optimally secure their data in the cloud.

Survey of 1000 IT managers

The results of the survey are based on 1000 IT managers who think along with their organization at the policy level. The participating organizations each have more than 250 employees and associated ICT infrastructure. The organizations come from both public and private sectors from around the world and completed the questions in Q1 2021.

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