Unknown attackers stole about $ 32 thousand in bitcoins from the cryptocurrency wallet of the New Zealand police

According to reports, the police wanted to use the cryptocurrency for a money-laundering investigation.

However, instead of this, the operation ended with the digital assets of law enforcement officers falling into the hands of the attackers and being moved from the wallet in an unknown direction.

The police were unable to determine who stole the bitcoins. According to experts, criminals may be located abroad. One theory is that the theft was part of a broader attack targeting bitcoin wallets. Now the police are investigating the incident. As a result, the special operation had to be postponed.

Last year, New Zealand authorities confiscated about $ 90 million in BTC from Alexander Vinnik, the alleged operator of the now-closed crypto exchange BTC-e, who is to serve five years in prison for fraud using cryptographic ransomware.

In January, New Zealand’s central bank was attacked by an unknown group of hackers who were able to gain access to a file-sharing service. The attack could have been carried out by another government.

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