Unknown firm gets control of 175 million IP addresses from the Pentagon

Global Resource Systems, on the day Joe Biden took office on January 20, 2021, received control of 56 million IP addresses from the Pentagon.

Soon the number of IP addresses increased to 175 million, accounting for about 6% of all IP addresses on the Internet and more than are available to such large American providers as Comcast or AT&T.

A few weeks later, representatives of the Pentagon explained this event by the fact that the company is implementing a pilot project to assess the IP address space.

This should help to avoid their unauthorized use in the future. As reported by the Associated Press, the military intends to “take control, assess and prevent the unauthorized use of IP addresses of the US Department of Defense.” However, a Pentagon spokesman could not explain why the Department of Defense chose Global Resource Systems, a company that does not have government contracts, to manage the address space.

The company did not respond to phone calls or emails from the Associated Press. Global Resource Systems does not have a website, but it does have a grscorp.com domain.

The company is registered in Delaware by a Beverly Hills lawyer and now operates a huge amount of the Internet space.


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