US congressman called for a tough stance at a meeting with Putin on cyber attacks

“We cannot afford another SolarWinds- like incident. I hope at tomorrow’s meeting the US President will bring up the December cyber attack and make it clear that any use of hacked networks to cause harm will trigger a proper and proportionate response,” wrote in Tweeted by Senate Intelligence Committee Chairman Mark Warner.

Deputy Chairman of the Senate Intelligence Committee Marco Rubio sent a letter to Biden in which he emphasized the need to consider the issue of recent cyberattacks, presumably related to hackers from Russia.

“I urge you to make it clear to Putin that the United States will meet any future cyberattack from Russia with a decisive response,” The Hill quoted Rubio’s message.

He said he would soon introduce a bill to strike back at foreign governments harbouring cybercriminals and respond to ransomware attacks.

“I’m sure he will make Putin accountable for Russia’s many violations,” Schiff said.

On June 15, the White House press pool reported that US President Biden had arrived in Geneva for talks with his Russian counterpart Putin. The plane of the American president landed at Geneva airport at 16:16 local time (17:16 Moscow time). According to the broadcast of the CNN television channel, the President of Switzerland, Guy Parmelin, met Biden at the ladder.

US President Joe Biden’s proposed fiscal 2022 budget plan provides $ 750 million to government entities affected by the SolarWinds attack. The money should go to strengthen the cybersecurity infrastructure.

In February, Microsoft said it had “solid evidence” of Russia’s involvement in a sensational wave of cyberattacks against at least nine US federal agencies and dozens of private companies. In identifying the source of cyberattacks, Microsoft has advanced much further than the US government, writes CNN. As Microsoft President Brad Smith pointed out before the US Senate Intelligence Committee, the government will likely take time to formally come to the same conclusion.

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