US to deport Russian man who tried to hack Tesla

US to deport Russian man who tried to hack Tesla

Russian Yegor Kryuchkov, who wanted to bribe a Tesla employee to gain access to confidential brand information, was deported to his homeland on July 21

Russian Yegor Kryuchkov, who was convicted in the United States of attempting to cyber-hack Tesla, an American electric car manufacturer, was deported to Russia. This was reported by the US Border Service.

– The specified person was deported on July 21, 2021, – said the representative of the department RIA Novosti.

In the summer of 2020, 27-year-old Yegor Kryuchkov and his accomplices tried to bribe a Tesla employee for $ 1 million to install malicious software. It was supposed to provide Kryuchkov with access to the system so that later, threatening to publish data, extort money from the company. On August 22, he was detained in Los Angeles. The court sentenced him to ten months in custody and deportation from the United States.

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