US will view ransomware attacks as a national security threat

The administration of US President Joe Biden intends to regard ransomware attacks as a threat to national security. 

In this regard, American intelligence services will monitor foreign cybercriminals and develop offensive cyber operations against hackers outside the United States, in particular in Russia, reports NBC News.

The use of military power to combat cybercrime could set a precedent, and US actions against Russia in cyberspace could provoke a backlash. Yet, once a nuisance, ransomware attacks from abroad have now become a major source of economic damage, as evidenced by recent disruptions in the supply of gasoline and meat to the United States, officials said.

Since ransomware attacks are carried out not by adversary states but by cybercriminals, for many years they were viewed exclusively as cybercrime.

Their investigation was carried out by the FBI and the ultimate goal was the administration of justice. However, it was far from always possible to bring the perpetrators to criminal responsibility, since they were often located outside the United States, including in Russia, outside the jurisdiction of the American authorities.

Despite the fact that the US National Security Agency eventually became interested in cyber ransomware groups, American medical facilities were subjected to a second wave of cyberattacks last fall.

Those responsible for US cybersecurity policies have become even more convinced of the need to concentrate more intelligence resources (including military and cyberwar) on solving this problem.

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