Venezuela reveals the origin of the cyberattack on the country’s largest bank

The cyberattack on the largest bank in Venezuela, Banco de Venezuela, was carried out from the United States. This was announced on September 22 by the Executive Vice President of the Republic of South America Delsi Rodriguez on the air of the Venezolana de Television channel.

During a press conference on the hacker attacks, Rodriguez explained that an analysis of the attack established that the traces lead to the United States. It took specialists five days to eliminate the consequences of the cyberattack.

Currently, Banco de Venezuela experts continue to monitor attempts by cybercriminals to find vulnerabilities in the system.

Recall that cyberattacks on the largest bank in Venezuela were registered on September 17. Because of them, Banco de Venezuela’s clients could not carry out any transactions. The damage caused by the hacker attack remains to be assessed.

Earlier media outlets reported that hackers attacked the American company New Cooperative, which supplies grain and fertilizers.

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