Vladimir Putin says that the United States is responsible for the largest number of cyberattacks in the world

Russia provides all information on US requests for cyberattacks, but itself does not receive any answers at all, said Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Answering a question from a CNN journalist who asked whether the Russian president had promised to undertake cybersecurity obligations in talks with US President Joe Biden, Putin said: “Now, about who should take what obligations.

I want to inform you about things that are known, but not to the general public. From American sources – I’m just afraid to confuse the names of organizations, [Presidential Press Secretary Dmitry] Peskov will tell you later – from American sources it follows that the largest number of cyberattacks in the world are carried out from the US cyberspace. Canada is in second place, followed by two Latin American countries. And then Great Britain.

Putin noted that the United States and Russia have agreed to begin consultations on cyberattacks.

“With regard to cyberattacks, we agreed to start consultations on this matter. In my opinion, this is important, ”he said, answering a question from an NBC journalist.

Earlier, the White House accused Russia of a hacker attack using SolarWinds software on nine US federal departments and more than 100 private sector enterprises.

US President Joe Biden’s proposed fiscal 2022 budget plan provides $ 750 million to government entities affected by the SolarWinds attack. The money should go to strengthen the cybersecurity infrastructure.

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