Washington believes Moscow is responsible for the actions of all hackers in Russia

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said Russia is responsible for obstructing hacker activities on its territory, even if the state itself has nothing to do with cyberattacks.

“I will emphasize that the view of US President Joe Biden and the view of the United States administration is that even though these actions against the US and the American private sector are being undertaken by criminal elements, even if the Russian government is not involved, they still are responsible. “

Psaki also asked for clarification on what Biden had in mind when he answered a question about the “signal” to Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding cybersecurity. The head of the US administration, apparently, refused to discuss this topic, saying that he would convey his opinion directly to the Russian leader, and not to the press. Psaki, in fact, confirmed this. “I think he was not going to share with all of you what was just before that was discussed at a closed briefing,” the press secretary said.

On June 18, US National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan announced that the United States is ready to use its own means to stop hackers committing crimes allegedly from Russian territory.

Earlier, sources in the United States administration reported that US President Joe Biden could instruct the US military to prepare “offensive cyber operations” against hackers based in Russia.

At the same time, US President Joe Biden doubted Russia’s involvement in the recent hacker attack using a ransomware virus in the United States. He stressed that initially, the United States did not suspect Russia of the hacker attack, but there is no complete certainty about this. The American leader threatened to retaliate against Russia if it turns out that it was she who carried out the cyber attack.

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