Weapons manufacturer MBDA denies hack, confirms data theft

European arms manufacturer MBDA denies that its systems have been hacked. The Italian branch of the company does confirm that data has been stolen. The arms manufacturer that mainly develops missiles for land, air and naval forces claims that the organization is being blackmailed. At the time MBDA indicated that it would not pay a ransom, the cybercrime group allegedly distributed the stolen information on the internet.

The consolidation between Airbus, BAE Systems, and Leonardo reports that criminals did not hack into his well-secured network. Instead, they would have been able to access an external hard drive. How this could have happened is still unclear. There is speculation that a hacker gained access to an employee’s personal device and stole the information.

Stolen data

Andrastea, sometimes also Adrestea, as the hacker group calls itself, made the leak public at the end of July via the Russian hacker forum XSS. The group described itself here as a group of independent specialists and researchers in the field of cybersecurity.

Andrastea offers 60 GB of confidential company data for sale on the forum. This would include information about employees as well as military projects, including air defense and missile designs, videos and photos, and correspondence with other companies such as Rampini, ST Electronics and Thales.

As evidence, Andrastea shared a link to an encrypted file containing some of the stolen documents. It also gave the password to open the file.

MBDA denies seriousness

MBDA has already engaged the Italian authorities. It would take all possible legal steps to remedy the problem. The company also reports that Andrastea is lying about the data it has stolen. It would not be classified or sensitive data.

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