WhatsApp privacy policy adjusted in Europe after hefty fine

WhatsApp has changed the privacy policy of European users as a result of a huge GDPR fine earlier this year. The well-known chat service will make it clearer how it handles information from users. In practice, however, nothing changes. This writes the BBC.

In September 2021, WhatsApp was fined 225 million euros by the Data Protection Commission (DPC). The Irish privacy watchdog ruled that WhatsApp was not transparent enough to its users. The chat service is said to be unclear about what data the company collects and shares with other companies, including parent company Meta.

WhatsApp did not comply with European privacy legislation and received a huge fine. This is not the highest GDPR fine ever handed out. Earlier this year, Amazon was fined $746 million in privacy by the Luxembourg regulator CNPD.

WhatsApp does not agree with the fine and is appealing. The company believes that all information was available to its users. However, the chat service is going to adjust the privacy policy for European users to meet the requirements.

WhatsApp will word its privacy policy more clearly so that it is clear how the company collects and uses data. For example, the chat service wants to explain why data must be stored, when data is deleted and how it is secured.

WhatsApp changes the wording, but in practice, nothing changes. The chat service also informs you that messages are always encrypted. This means that only the sender and receiver can see the messages. WhatsApp has announced that there are no changes in the working method or in the contractual agreements with users. “Users are not required to agree to new terms or take any action to continue using WhatsApp,” WhatsApp said.

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