Zoom will pay $ 85 million for breach of privacy

Zoom Video Communications Inc., which created the Zoom video conferencing service, has agreed to pay approximately $ 85 million to settle claims in a class action claim from users who accused the service of failing to maintain data privacy. Bloomberg writes about this with reference to the decision of the court of San Jose, California.

Users went to court in San Jose, California, accusing the company of not providing a sufficient level of data confidentiality. In particular, the plaintiffs found it a violation of the user agreement that Zoom shared data with Facebook, while under the terms of the agreement it had no right to transfer it to third parties. In addition, the plaintiffs argued that the company was unable to provide reliable protection of their data from hacker attacks.

Subscribers involved in a class action will be eligible for a 15% refund of their basic subscriptions, or a $ 25 refund, whichever is greater.

In total, the company will spend about $ 85 million to resolve the incident. The court also ordered Zoom to revise the current privacy rules in order to increase the level of data protection for users of the platform.

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