Google VPN service available for iOS

Google’s VPN service is now also available for iOS users. Google’s VPN is only included in a premium subscription of the Google One app.

Google One

Google One is an app that Google offers with different subscription types. With the premium account, you get 2 TB of storage space and therefore a VPN. This subscription costs 10 euros per month or 100 euros per year.

The VPN was initially only available on Android and in the United States. Since November, the function has also been available in other countries, such as the Netherlands.

Now the feature is also available for iOS. Google says it will eventually also come up with a Windows version of the VPN.

New features

In addition to the expansion to iOS, Google has also added some new functionalities to the VPN. They added the Safe Disconnect feature which allows you to use the internet only when the VPN is activated. This is similar to a kill switch feature with other VPN providers.

In addition, the VPN now has App Bypass which allows you to let some apps traffic through your regular connection while you use your VPN connection for the rest. This is also known as split tunnelling.

Finally, Google has added a Snooze function that allows you to temporarily turn off your VPN.

VPN for security

Many people use a VPN for more anonymity and security online. It is very important that you have confidence in the VPN. Many people will not directly associate Google with privacy. Still, Google indicates that the VPN does not log any data and uses strong encryption.

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