How AI is playing a key role in curbing cyber threats

How AI is playing a key role in curbing cyber threats

Technology is advancing and criminals continue to use cyberspace to commit a crime. Due to the openness of the internet, everyone, including hackers can do anything without any limitations; cyberinfrastructures have become loose to exploitations from hackers.

It is now clear that there is a need to look for more advanced technology as physical devices or human interventions, it is not enough. With all these happenings, it is a wake-up call to put in place a defense system that sways away hackers and is able to detect and prevent any loophole in real-time. A system that is flexible, adaptable, and robust is the best for such advanced cyber technology.

Looking at the issue at hand, we cannot think of any other solution than what Artificial Intelligence offers to cybersecurity. Many different methods have been developed through Artificial intelligence to help in countering cyberattacks and detecting them before they happen. AI is such a great discovery because the reason that AI is such a great help to cybersecurity is that it can make an intelligent real-time decision when a threat finds its way into the system or network. This one trait makes AI stand in making sure that any malware is discovered and system resources are protected before it attacks.

How AI works

AI offers advanced protection than firewalls, antiviruses, or any other protection that an organization can put in place. It is more sophisticated, can help in modeling how the system or network of an organization works and reacts to be able to detect in real-time when changes happen, signaling an attack. 

Using just human ways to counterattack intelligent cyber threats such as worms and viruses is not sufficient. There is a need of using a more powerful intelligent agent tool that will be able to detect any attack, evaluate it, and respond, thus preventing any damage promptly.

Innovative AI Methods 

The fact that cyberattacks are global, not just localized to a specific network, makes AI dependable enough, this is major because AI is not convened in one area, but offers a solution from information collected all over the internet and uses it to prevent cyber-attack. Many old algorithms are worthless due to evolving cyber-attacks that can only be countered by the use of new technology. 

Artificial intelligence (AI) methods provide a lasting solution to these challenges. Artificial Intelligence has introduced a variety of advanced and simulated techniques that have positively changed Information security techniques as well as preventing and detecting cyber-attacks. These include:

• Automated cyber environments.

• Automated data cleaning. 

• Automated machine code listing

• Intelligent Anti-virus agents.

• Machine learning

• Responsive Neural systems.

• Automatic algorithm indexing and detection.

• Intelligent Language Processing.

• Cloud computing and Security.

Through the mentioned techniques Artificial Intelligence (AI) can automatically detect, monitor, and design recovery solutions to cyber-attacks. Neural networks are capable of adapting to different cyber environments and explore a variety of risks due to their responsive and intelligent nature hence making it easy for AI to provide cyber solutions.

Lastly, deep learning in cybersecurity processes makes AI methods identify loopholes in the system and cyber-threats in real-time, enabling the mitigation process to be quicker. It is artificial intelligence’s way of learning from unstructured information and data.   


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