New cybersecurity solutions of the week: May 27, 2021

New cybersecurity solutions of the week: May 27, 2021

ReversingLabs unveils Malware Lab solution for detecting, classifying and responding to malicious files. ReversingLabs Malware Lab is designed specifically for today’s cybersecurity organizations that increasingly delegate malware analysis to security operations (SOC) or development security operations (DevSecOps). The solution provides these professionals with a single threat intelligence engine and console for quickly detecting, classifying, analyzing, and responding to malicious files and associated indicators of compromise.

Qualys has released a comprehensive all-in-one security solution CyberSecurity Asset Management. Using the capabilities of the Qualys Cloud Platform with multiple embedded sensors and CMDB (Configuration Management Database) synchronization, the solution continuously records known and unknown assets, identifies installed applications, and determines the criticality of assets in a business and risk context. Qualys Cybersecurity Asset Management gives security professionals a complete picture of their assets – from inventory to threat detection and response.

Eclypsium has announced a major new expansion to its eponymous enterprise device integrity platform. Eclypsium extends visibility and security beyond traditional endpoints to include networked and unmanaged devices that can impact the overall security of an enterprise.

Password manager developer 1Password has released a fully functional desktop version of its product for Linux. 1Password for Linux uses the Linux kernel keychain to establish a fully encrypted connection between 1Password in the browser and 1Password for Linux. This means that after unlocking one, the other will also be unlocked when the user switches to it. This is the most advanced password manager browser integration available for Linux.

WatchGuard has released endpoint security for Windows PCs powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon processor. WatchGuard Endpoint Security provides real-time visibility and advanced endpoint security for organizations looking to secure 5G computing devices in today’s cloud-driven distributed work environments.

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