Tor is going to develop a VPN-like app

The Tor Project plans to develop a “VPN-like” app in the coming year. The organization announced this in their 2022 preview. The app is intended to ensure that all traffic from an Android smartphone or tablet can run through the Tor network.

What is Tor?

The Tor Project is a private organization best known for its Tor browser. Via the Tor network, you can access the internet with more anonymity. The browser is therefore used to circumvent censorship and to communicate anonymously. Tor can be a useful tool for journalists and whistleblowers to get information from countries with severe censorship. The Tor browser also allows people to access the dark web.

The Tor software is primarily aimed at desktop users. Since 2018, there is also a Tor mobile browser for Android, but the privacy risks remain greater on a smartphone.

Mobile First

Still, the company is increasingly targeting smartphone users. Also in the coming year they will further investigate the needs of Tor users on mobile. Services that you can access on your desktop via the browser are often separate apps on your mobile. The Tor Project now wants to secure your traffic on your mobile device the same way it does on your browser.

The Android app that is under development will route all traffic on the smartphone through the Tor network. This is similar to how VPN apps work on smartphones. When the app is enabled, all apps communicate through the Tor network and are therefore protected. It is not yet known exactly what the Tor app will look like.

Russia blocks Tor

Tor faced censorship in Russia earlier this month. Russian users could no longer access the Tor website. Looking into the 2022 prospect, the Tor Project indicates that their team is working to circumvent such forms of censorship so that their service is available to everyone. It is precisely people who have to deal with government censorship that needs access to Tor in order to be able to access the internet freely.

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