In South Africa, ransomware virus encrypted computers of the entire Ministry of Justice

In South Africa, ransomware virus encrypted computers of the entire Ministry of Justice

On September 9, the Department of Justice of the Republic of South Africa (South Africa) announced that the computers of the entire department had stopped working due to infection with a ransomware virus. At the moment, the department has not yet restored the operation of the equipment and cannot say when the threat will be eliminated.

According to a press release from the department, the attack was carried out on the evening of September 6 through ransomware. The infection led to the encryption of all information systems of the department. As a result, e-services provided by the Department of Justice are currently unavailable in South Africa.

The infection also affected the administrative payment system – MojaPay. First of all, they began to work on its restoration. A number of important payments are made through this system, for example, for the burial of relatives or for the care of a child.

Specialists are still working on restoring the systems. Court hearings, issuance of documents, payments and other services of the department are carried out in manual mode. Part of the effort was spent on the creation of an alternative e-mail system, which has already passed several employees.

It is still unknown who was behind the attack. The department assures that it has not found any cases of data leaks. The department received no ransom demands or statements acknowledging responsibility for the break-in. Also, so far, no hacker group has reported an attack on the South African Department of Justice.

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