About us

Cyber Threat Intelligence is determined to provide cyber-threat intelligence news and updates to internet users globally to create awareness to curb cyber threats posed too many enterprise organizations and even personal data. We have won many awards and even recognized internationally for being a trusted cybersecurity news provider.

Due to ignorance or lack of basic cybersecurity knowledge, human errors are the main vulnerability that faces computer systems. However, we have good news for you because our platform disseminates necessary information about the cybersecurity industry. We provide timely news on data breaches, hackers, APT attacks, ransomware, and cyber espionage.

Our platform gives internet users insight into risk exposure and the best techniques to enhance and bolster the security measures already put in place by enterprise organizations and individuals. We discuss new emerging trends in cybersecurity in our daily updates to ensure our viewers in full knowledge with every detail-taking place globally.

What is right for you? We only post necessary information that is best and of good interest to our online followers. The number of data breaches has increased worldwide, and according to statistics, lack of awareness has contributed to this menace a great deal.

We have collaborated with well-established cybersecurity firms in more than 20 countries to update and advice where necessary. Worry not, because the content we display here will go far away from helping you make critical decisions about your cybersecurity status.

Powered by our vision, mission, and professional ethos, we have transformed the cybersecurity status globally by empowering internet users with valid, quality, and reliable information timely.

With a well-organized staff made up of cyber and communication experts, we believe we are the best at delivering robust cybersecurity news.